Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fantastic Photo Fun, OR, What I Did Today When I Should Have Been Grading Papers

My hilarious boss just sent me a funny e-mail.  He is the best boss I could ask for --he is very understanding, and is always looking for ways to lighten our load or make us laugh, so in true form, he sent us an e-mail with a funny picture of himself with the words "Happy Holidays" sprayed under it in paint to make us laugh while we are slammed with finals.

I decided to reciprocate, and I had a very specific funny picture in mind to send him that required me to crawl up into the attic and dig through a bunch of old albums.  Boy, oh, boy did I find a treasure trove of old goodies!!

First of all, here is the picture I sent to my boss:

He's gonna love it.

Next, I stumbled upon some of my favorite ever pictures of my niece and nephew:

I love this picture of me and my nephew!

And this picture of my brother and our niece?  Priceless.

My sweet little nephew found his feet!

I found a lot of other oldies-but-goodies too!  Like this ...

This is about the level of enthusiasm we've come to expect from the littlest Marcettis

Oh, and Jess -- did anyone ever tell you that THIS is how Tommy used to entertain himself?

On our way to the Warped Tour.  I'm so punk rock I can hardly stand it.
And, can I add -- why the BLEEP is everyone else in my family so dark and lovely and I am Casper the friendly ghost??

Old School Arlene (with her twinsie, Aunt Julie)

Old School Victoria

Old School Tommy (Sorry, Tommy!)

And, of course, some CLASSIC Van Sickle shenanigans! 

Aunt Julie, cat-wrangling on Christmas

Oh, those cousins!



  1. I did know about the pogo stick(s), but thatks for the reminder...

  2. Don't pretend like you're not impressed. No hands!!

  3. I know. Jess is up on her high horse, on a golden throne, throwing down life lessons to the peasants! (name that show!)

  4. I love that you sent that to Jeremy. Hahah

  5. so I'm sitting in my room looking at these pictures and I get to the pogo stick picture and burst out laughing. Then Gary bursts out laughing from his room because we both find it hilarious to hear each other laugh and not know what is being laughed at.

    all of those pictures are fantastic, especially the cat wrangling.
    and I was only tan in that picture because I had my tennis tan.

  6. I know, the cat wrangling is fan-freakin-tastic.

  7. I know, the cat wrangling is fan-freakin-tastic.

  8. Don't pretend like you're not impressed. No hands!!


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